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fi'zi:k Arione K:1

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Detailed Specifications for  Arione K:1

Description: The name K:1 comes from Kaone. Kaone is a scientific name for a type of particle comprised of a variety of elements which principally do not fuse well together. A simple way to understand this phenomenon is to consider the dynamic of oil and water. Kaone or K:1 in fi?zi:k terms, is the symbol or name that refers to the blend of two basic but opposing materials (hard carbon fiber and soft gel) that provide the structure for the latest technology from the Pozzoleone factory. The Arione K:1 is made of hard, brittle Carbon fibres and soft Technogel?. The two materials are bonded to each other and then encased under an ultra thin but highly resistant coating during a co-curing process. This unique production process results in the fusion of the three separate and distinct elements into one. The overall result: a light weight carbon fiber shell with a comfortable layer of gel that will never displace beneath the coating or more importantly, beneath the rider. MOBIUS AND BRAIDED CARBON FIBER: THE RAIL EXPLANATION Mobius, referring to a Moebius strip, is a surface which has no top, no bottom, no beginning and no end. The K:1 braided carbon rails utilize a unique circular rail construction, where there is no beginning and no end. The rail construction is the Braided C4 rail found on of the current Arione Braided Carbon and Arione Tri 2 Braided Carbon, where a core of unidirectional fibers is inserted inside a 3-D woven ?sock? of fibers. The maximum load capacity is equivalent to titanium rails and 50% higher than standard carbon rails. For added strength and resistance, the rails are slightly ovalized and oversized to 7mm by 9mm. Further protecting the rails is a hand-wrapped tape made of polyester fibres pre-impregnated with epoxy, which is then cured in an oven and bonded to the carbon rail during the heat/oven process.

Colours: Carbon  Sizes: 30cm   Weight: 139  grams  Year: 2007 



Rear shocks:

Gear shifters:

Front mech:

Rear mech:







Seat post:





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