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Guide: Buying from a Local Bike Shop (England)

If you want quality advice, expert fitting and a wide choice of bikes, it’s worth finding a good local bike shop. However, walking into a shop full of bikes that may all look the same can be a daunting prospect — therefore it may be advisable to do some research first before making that first visit. You’ll feel more confident, and have a better idea if what you really want. Here’s some top tips….

1. Know before you go — you don’t have to be an expert but having an appreciation of the different types and brands of mountain bike and road bikes that are available will help you to make more informed choices in the cycle shop — see the Buyer’s Guide on our Compare Bikes page as a useful starting point.

2. Test ride — a good bicycle shop will allow you to take the bike for a decent test ride, not just a spin around the car park. If you are spending hundreds or thousands on a new bike you want to make sure that it feels as comfy to ride after 2/3 hours as it does after 2/3 minutes. However, appreciate that a bike shop cannot stock test bikes across its entire range and in every size.

3. “You’ll Grow Into It!” — if you are buying a bike for your son or daughter try to avoid the trap of buying the biggest possible size that they can step over. The bike will be difficult to ride and your child will not get the best out of it and may decide to stop riding it altogether. Your bike shop will be able to advise on the best size.

4. Bike Servicing — when buying a bike, ensure that you at least get a check-up service as part of the deal. After a few weeks, cables will start to stretch on the bike and will need tweaking.

5. Internet Bike Purchases — it’s well known that you get some great deals buying a bike over the net. First time buyers however, would be advised to treat such deals with caution. Correct sizing, as we have mentioned, is a crucial element of the bike purchase and ensures you get the most out of your purchase — getting a great deal on a bike that is the wrong size is not a great deal as you won’t ride as often, or you’ll end up having to spend money buying new componentry to make it fit.

You will also need to get the bike checked after it’s ‘bedded in’ — a local bike shop will charge for this if you have not bought the bike from them. It’s always worth asking your local bike shop if they can do something on the price for you — they won’t always say yes, but if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

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