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With the nights drawing in and the weather getting cooler, wearing the right kit gets more important. On this page you'll find links to the top clothing brands offering all the warm layers, gloves and jackets that you'll need to keep riding through the Winter.

Buyer's Guide: Cycle Clothing

Cycle clothing has advanced in the last few years beyond lycra, lycra and more lycra, to garments that look good whilst also being functional. Here are a few tips on what to look out for:

Key basics – if you are new to cycling, the first items of clothing that you should look to buy should be a cycle helmet and also clothing for the parts of your body that comes into contact with the bike; hands, backside and feet.

Cycle helmet - an absolute essential. If you think you look unfashionable or stupid wearing a helmet, speak to someone that has had a crash whilst wearing a helmet (people working in your local bike shop will no doubt have some stories), see what damage it did to the helmet, and then imagine the effect of that impact directly to your head. You’ll never question the decision again. Make sure the helmet fits correctly – you should be able to tilt your head down towards your knees, without the chin strap done up, and the helmet should stay put.

Cycling gloves - a good pair will not break the bank and will help to take some of the ‘sting’ out of long rides, whilst also protecting your hands if you fall.

Cycling shorts are available in lycra and ‘baggie’ options. Baggies look like normal shorts, but have the benefits of a good lycra short i.e. a padded liner to protect your backside on long rides.

Cycling shoes are a ‘nice to have’ if you don’t cycle that often. Unlike training shoes, cycling shoes have a stiff sole that transfers all of your effort through to the pedal and therefore results in greater pedalling efficiency.